Taint – dau ghter: VICTIMOLOGY 2 (re-post)

Because some people have had problems with the password protected files in the past, I’m taking requests to re-post some of those old uploads (without pw of course) you had problems with. First re-posts will most likely be the Taint stuff which were password protected, because I’ve had tons of requests for those.

If any of you guys need some old shit re-posted with no PW, just leave a comment in said release’s page and I’ll try to reup it asap.

dau ghter: VICTIMOLOGY 2 is 1 track divided into 7 sections.

01 – Dau ghter: Victimology 2
01a – Anna
01b – Girl X
01c – Home Invasion (Keep It Inside)
01d – Sara Ann (Darling)
01e – Laura & Amber (Lolita Poaching)
01f – Babybabybaby (Your Daughter…)
01g – At Seven

dau ghter: VICTIMOLOGY 2

~ by heavyelectronics on May 29, 2010.

3 Responses to “Taint – dau ghter: VICTIMOLOGY 2 (re-post)”

  1. The original links always worked fine for me, all of them still work fine even this Taint that you had to re-post. I think a lot of the people complaining and asking for re-posts are doing something wrong while copying or typing in the password to the .RAR file. That or they are clicking “premium user” om RapidShare instead of “free”.

    • Yeah, I’ve tested many of the files people say don’t work and they’ve all been ok. I really have no idea why the PW doesn’t seem to work for some people, but I don’t mind doing re-posts. I guess I should have never put passwords in the files to begin with.

  2. I got a “file not available” message when I tried today.

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