Eric Lunde – De Sade (Re-Post)

As requested…

Initially, this cassette was to be presented as a violent treatment of a text dealing with exclusively violent themes.
De Sade, it is recognized, was a master of the graphic sexual text, who still remains unequalled in originality and imagination to this day. In the shadow of De Sade, most pornography released by todays mafioso industrial complex pales in comparison. It is for the reason De Sade was chosen.

Again, I started this work with the intention of absolute purity of process. That is, my treatment of De Sade’s work would be one of purely tape eroded, decoded, contoured processes without any other methods to clutter the purely violent treatment.

In the middle of the engagement, I discovered at the local Radio Shack a simple biofeedback monitor, priced incredibly cheap. It was a buy that I could not overlook ($12.95). Here, by simply moving my body, I could manipulate a range of frequencies. At this point, I realized that I must clutter this work, for the significance of this product could not be overlooked in the context of a work such as presented by De Sade. Therefore, I opted to utilize the biofeedback monitor in this work under two premises:

Side 1) is a biofeedback “reading” as I engaged in sexual activity while listening to this reading of De Sade and the frequencies of the biofeedback monitor as generated by my movements and my “emotional state”.

Side 2) is of a female’s biofeedback reading while listening to this broken word retelling of Champville’s tales, while reading the text out loud and while reading the text in silence.

The results were fascinating and compelling. I am not distraught with my decision to clutter the purely violent rendering of the violent scenario. I believe it enhances the work considerably, addressing many concerns I have always held towards words and sound and the body. I also feel it compliments the work of De Sade in that it tends to register the effect of the word on the body and its nervous system.

01 – The 9 Days of December and the 45 Complex Passions as Narrated by Champville / Biorhythms of Sexual Activity
02 – The Next 9 Days of December and the Next 45 Passions as Narrated by Champville / Biorhythms of Female Unaccustomed to the Text of De Sade, Read Out Loud and Then Read in Silence

De Sade


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