Bagman – For Kenneth McKenna

Bagman noise could be described as extreme harsh noise rather than “wall,” the pieces are in constant morphogenesis, a dangerous situation nearing the collapse of everything, certainly no attempt at coherence which strangely is a problematic for “wall” noise. I think at times he might be stretching to far, in danger of falling into meaning – of vocals or some kind of neo-industrial rhythmics of track 3, however the danger of such “experimentalism’ and pseudo-teleology is mitigated (though it can’t be justified) by the final track of wonderfully new? (for me/him) totalizing high end feedback, breaking free of the particular cathartic fall into a generalizing totality removed of the personal id, disintegrations not of sound but of universes of… ethics. Question: should catharsis be good or just a pleasant respite from the truth that there is no good. “Good is dead” – ha ha ha. (jliat)

Review stolen from Vital Weekly

01 – Puppy Love
02 – Snake Feast
03 – Hand of Death
04 – Gator Bait Ten
05 – Sated…

For Kenneth Mckenna


~ by heavyelectronics on June 7, 2010.

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