Climax Denial – Sexuality is a Curse

Here is a 32 minute tape from the rising American power electronics project Climax Denial dealing with as usual, sexual themes. The packaging reflects the sound well, high contrast black and white, simple text and seemingly homemade smut style photographs, a woman wearing a chastity belt on the insert makes the theme quite effective.

Side A kicks off with a more ambient/industrial intro that could be a quick sample from a film or something. Things then quickly degenerate into harsh-noise influenced power electronics, lo-fi, raw, and the only thing keeping this from becoming strait up noise is the screaming/whispering vocals pushing through the mix. It’s done quite well, with the main texture being just completely overdriven and blown out sound. There’s a welcome respite leading to mangled high-pitched feedback with subtle breathing layered over the scathing tones, only to fall back to disorder once again before wrapping things up.

Hearing the pulsating swell of the next track makes me think I’m in for some rhythmic PE when a simple female vocal sample bleeds through only to explode at the end with a fury of harsh noise. Climax Denial’s noise is always perfectly balanced though with some heavy industrial drones coming through every once in a while when things are finally let through the totally blown out textures.

My favorite elements of Climax Denial’s sound don’t lie in the harsh raw textures, as much as I love them. The more “atmospheric” tracks, when combined with the harsher textures are what truly amaze me and what separate Climax Denial from just another slew of heavy electronics. The perfect break here is a simple drone, quite plain, but echoing perfectly and pitch shifting in all the right increments to form a sickly sweet atmosphere.

After one last shorter, scathing track of hollowing delayed distorted textures and drones, Side B kicks in with mangled female vocal samples rendered unintelligible before blasting my ass of with an even more lo-fi attack. The track feels a bit claustrophobic in parts, the production isn’t quite as crisp and clear as what’s presented beforehand but it’s effective in the numerous amount of different textures presented and somewhat opens up before the end where more fragmented sounds give way to subtle spoken words and cluster fucks of crunch. This one track fills up the whole of Side B and I do begin to lost interest about half-way through. It’s not a bad track, but it just seems to take too long to say what it does.

Sexuality is a Curse is yet another testament to the quality of Climax Denial’s output. The vision is clear and concise and is executed with tact and precision. There are just enough touches here to add an atmosphere that rises above just pure noise into the realm of disturbed power electronics. A must have for PE weirdos.

Review stolen from Blood Ties Webzine

01 – I’ll Lick Your Cum Off the Cement
02 – When You Breathe I Wince, When You Move I Tremble
03 – Swallow My Head, My Shoulders, My Arms, My Hips, My Legs
04 – Bury Me in the Crypt Between Your Legs
05 – Show Me What You’re Hiding Under That Skirt

Sexuality is a Curse


~ by heavyelectronics on June 20, 2010.

One Response to “Climax Denial – Sexuality is a Curse”

  1. I’m fine with this being here, but I think it should be known that this was released in an unlimited edition and may be still available for purchase from the label, if not for cheap from certain distros.

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