No more updates

I’m posting this on behalf of the owner of HE: There will be no more updates on this blog, at least not in the near future. Please do not submit more material, I do not have access to the blog’s email account.

As far as I know, the files hosted in the blog’s RS account will stay up for a few months in any case, so most albums should be available for a while.

Thanks to every person who contributed his/her 0.2 to this place, it’s much appreciated.

I also hope this place has served to promote the bands/projects of the people who submitted their own work.



~ by heavyelectronics on August 5, 2010.

6 Responses to “No more updates”

  1. thanks for all those posts man, good luck

  2. Thanks for all the posts, a lot of quality stuff got posted here!
    The best of luck with the future.

  3. oh shit, I hope they are OK. Last time I saw a post like this, it was cancer.

  4. Shit, this was a fucking good blog. It will be missed.

  5. it was a fucking GREAT BLOG.

    would be nice, if you work again for this blog. thx!

  6. I’m a fanatic, but I got access to stuff I would have never dreamed of before. And it was really nicely focussed. Hell yeah.

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