Back on the prowl!

We’re fucking back! Good behavior paid off and H.E. is back and with a couple of new contributors. I’ve decided to change file host, as Rapidshit seems to have gone to shit in these last few months. All new uploads will be hosted on Mediafire without password, without bullshit. I won’t promise there will be new posts regulary but at least once a week or so.
Ok, enough blahblah. The first uploads will be up in a while.

~ by heavyelectronics on November 23, 2010.

14 Responses to “Back on the prowl!”

  1. Excellent!! Great news!!

  2. Welcome back!

  3. Good news.

  4. Hey everyone, it’s good to be back. There’s some good shit coming up in the next few days.

  5. thanx for neue news)

  6. Great fucking news!

  7. Best news for these fucking 3 month!

  8. What the fuck, were in jail? That’s awesome. Anyway, great to have you back!!!

  9. Great news, welcome back!

  10. welcome the fuck back nigger !!! 😉

  11. Great to see You again in action comrade !!! Heveyelectronics it’s one of the greatest musick blog in whole world 🙂 Greetings!

  12. For yor’e return i have a small gift – 815 MB of Sutcliffe Jügend. This is a 10xLP boxset – bootleged from first Sutciffe Jügend release 10xTape boxset. I don’t posted it in Esoteric sanctuarY couse it’s not “comatibile” with my blog profile. Uploaded special for you and you’re readers!
    Sutcliffe Jügend – 1982 We Spit On Their Graves 10 X LP Boxset ltd.100 [bootleg]


    Inside rar – foto and info.
    Each side is dedicated to a different victim of Peter Sutcliffe:

    Side 1: Anna Rouglsky (Lustmord)
    Side 2: Olive Smelt (The New Breed)
    Side 3: Wilma Mc Cann (Meanns)
    Side 4: Emily Jackson (for Reinhard Heydrich)
    Side 5: Marcella Claxton (Necro-Sadism)
    Side 6: Irene Richardson (Hammer Deaths)
    Side 7: Patricia Atkinson (Ejaculation Centre)
    Side 8: Jayne Mac Donald (KZ)
    Side 9: Maureen Long (Seven Tortures)
    Side 10: Jean Jordan (Assault)
    Side 11: Maralyn Moore (Sex Attack 1)
    Side 12: Yvonne Peason (Sex Attack 2)
    Side 13: Helen Rytka (Vachers Way)
    Side 14: Vera Millward (From Hell)
    Side 15: Josephine Whittaker (L.C.A.)
    Side 16: Barbara Leech (Eighties Porn)
    Side 17: Marquerite Walls (Bringing Down The Whip)
    Side 18: Upaghya Barbara (Ten Hours)
    Side 19: Teresa Sykes (National Force)
    Side 20: Jacquline Hill (In The Face)

    Inside rar its ES sign but upload is for this blog exclusively – so you can posted it and you do this i hope 🙂
    Cheers from Esoteric sanctuarY bunker ! 🙂

    • Thanks a lot my friend! I’ll make a post about this on the blog later today, so that it can be seen by all visitors (hangover is killing me right now). Much appreciated man!

  13. Ahhh… SAHLOET! Heavy Electronics and Esoteric Sanctuary all the way! Hmm… Will Over Matter / Might of the Planet Eater was interesting thank you kindly.

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