Gaze Campaign – Gestalt Bruise

Official debut full-length album from most uncompromising and intolerance post-mortem industrial/heavy electronics new act from Japan, focusing irrationality of the trust, blind fact and buried truth, with harsh & adsorbent electronics, tape loops & cut-ups, metal percussion/junk abuse and acidulated vocal. Here is some hints: Indifference, the Shame State, SOK, Fanaticism, Origin of Prostitute Life, Katyn, The International Military Tribunal for the Far East, Betrayal, Rusted Mind etc… into 10 tracks. Comes with A5 sized 12 page booklet. Limited to 150 copies.

01 – Arch for Dead End
02 – Double Suicide
03 – Burlesque
04 – Carnal Harvest
05 – Doomed Offering
06 – Doggy Doggy
07 – Ultra-Heaven
08 – Total Slaughter
09 – Program Kneel
10 – Omega Beacon

Gestalt Bruise


~ by heavyelectronics on December 4, 2010.

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