Gruntsplatter – The Eulogists Assembly

Bringing “death industrial” to new, never before experienced levels, US noise manipulators GRUNTSPLATTER throw us in a desertic, abandoned, outworldly land where the only sounds come from agonizing machineries, abandoned to their inevitable rusting processes // Construction. concretion. abrasion. decay. A flow of energetic noise bursts mixed with dark ambiences, a new sensational chapter in the GRUNTSPLATTER saga.

01 – The Tireless Slog of the Infirm
02 – The Redundancy of Procreation
03 – Dissecting the Ceremonial Tongue
04 – Architectural Scarecrows and the Ashes of Effigies
05 – The Fraternal Order of Hypocrites and Zealots
06 – Where the Fearful Eat Their Young
07 – The Beasts That Perished
08 – A Blight Between the Weeds
09 – Our Rituals Inform Disease
10 – The Sour Call of the Gallows Birds

The Eulogists Assembly


~ by heavyelectronics on December 11, 2010.

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