Last Rape – Maimed Left Arm

Classic Last Rape tape album from 1995, originally released on E.F. Tapes. Back then Last Rape was a Richard Ramirez and Mary A.D. Harsh Noise project, only recently has the project reared it’s ugly head once more as a Harsh Noise Wall project with Sean Matzus in added to the lineup or in place of Mary A.D. This tape features two tracks in nearly 50 minutes, of what could be described as lo-fi space noise with that straight to tape 90’s HN-Sound. Tones shine through the haze of a newly taken off, old, improv rocket as it lands on flanger planet. Alien’s raping the abducted folks and moaning in some feedback language only they can understand. A ghastly trip through time. Very true to the original-remaster from the master tapes. Now 14 years on, Ramirez is still going strong with an array of Last Rape releases on his very own Deadline label, not to be missed.

01 – Removed Right Breast
02 – Rip the Vagina Up to the Ass

Maimed Left Arm


~ by heavyelectronics on December 11, 2010.

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