Prurient & Nicole 12 – Love and Romance

Notorious split LP from Nicole 12 and Prurient complete with very disturbing wraparound printed card sleeve and lyric sheet. The Nicole 12 side is particularly harrowing, with monstrously mutated found tapes ala Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson put to spools of high end electronics and ferociously delivered lyrics exploring variously fucked mind states. The bleak ardour of the music barely relents, jamming a whole bunch of contradictory and ambiguous signals in a way that gives you little room to orientate yourself or make any definitive reading, forcing you back on your own preconceptions, prejudices and dark places. Terribly uneasy listening that demands a response way the hell beyond any comfortable binary notion of good/evil or right/wrong. So don’t put your brain to bed. Prurient side is a beauty, featuring a bunch of tracks segued together in a fog of low-grade feedback and immolating vocal form.

01 – Prurient – We Came to an End
02 – Prurient – Our Secret Meeting
03 – Prurient – Our Two Bodies
04 – Prurient – Nil by Mouth
05 – Prurient – Heavy Trapdoor
06 – Nicole 12 – Semen on Braces
07 – Nicole 12 – Images of Romance
08 – Nicole 12 – Power of Seduction
09 – Nicole 12 – Seesaw Romance
10 – Nicole 12 – Outro

Love and Romance


~ by heavyelectronics on December 12, 2010.

One Response to “Prurient & Nicole 12 – Love and Romance”

  1. Hi – any chance of a link? great site btw. Best regards, Jason.

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