Emaciator – Torment

A slooooooow moving synth tone sets the mood for the first side. A low wave is crackled and sputtered across the length of the starting half, incredibly trance-inducing and lulling mechanic rhythyms. Barely changes until later when some strange tapes and a high pitched whistle enter, only to be cut swiftly into more slowly oscillating lowness. Really frightening sounding vocals start creeping in… it’s excellent. High wails excellently placed in the mix put the listener on edge, hovering above the bed of ugly static synth tones. The B-side utilizes more of the sinister, creeping synth and cackling, spitting electronics… a bit more aggressive on the approach. It gets rather ugly a bit of the way in, only to fade away into a thump-wail kind of groove for a while, then becomes a metal clang, screech, field recording collage. It resumes pummeling low tones after this, and evolves slowly throughout the remaining time on the tape.

01 – Untitled
02 – Untitled


~ by heavyelectronics on December 29, 2010.

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