Pleasure Fluids – Scenes of Consequence

As many of you know I back anything and everything released by the American sleaze label True Force/Pain Electronics. Some of their releases are mediocre and some are great but all of them supply many vivid thoughts while listening and are destined to create a lasting impression. Pleasure Fluids has been drinking from the same sources as his label-mate and co-label owner K of Liver Mortis. Like many P.E. groups before them they live on the fringes in the shadowy underworld of fuck trades, KP, rape and murder and bathe in it all then express it through their sound. The argument of whether or not any of these groups from the past and present catalog of Noise and Power Electronics are “into it” or not is almost a void argument. You can taste it a mile away. If you, yourself, know what to look for all of these little obscure titles, lyrics, photographs, etc stick out immediately and you understand exactly where the inspiration sprang from.

Another reason this argument is void is because it doesn’t matter in the light of the sounds themselves. The artist can paint you a picture but it is up to your own personal opinions and previous environments, what you have been exposed to, as to what will be brought up to the forefront of your imagination while listening. Options, tastes, must be respected even when not understood. The first track is titled “New Highs” and basically plays out as a nice introduction. Nothing notable happens here as elements of thick noise lay upon one another while an agitated hiss jerks about behind it. The second track is titled “$10 Room” and is one of the more laid back Pleasure Fluids tracks. The sounds of punctured drones leaking out phased and disoriented oscillations are slowly sculpted and manipulated over a period of a few minutes until some lower end synth sounds come into play. Compared to most Pleasure Fluids material this is tame but the next track fucks that up nicely when the the listener is suddenly confronted, finally, with some vocals. “No Thrill No Kill” is an incendiary piece spewing a looped low-end stomp against phaser/flanged vocals and fluttering pulsations. It smells. It feels like shit play. If ever we doubted the lascivious intent of Pleasure Fluids than the next and final track, “Unharmed”, spells it out explicitly. A lone sample runs the entirety of the track and some low in the mix stammering throbs and clicks mimic snapping veins and synapses, petechia transmitted to sound as we get to hear the story of a man who sexually assaults his sister. And of course she is so kind, innocent, but as our fiend gets scared he must put the baby to bed in a suffocating grave. Obviously.

Review stolen from the Pure Stench blog.

01 – New Highs
02 – $10 Room
03 – No Kill No Thrill
04 – Unharmed

Scenes of Consequence

~ by heavyelectronics on April 5, 2011.

5 Responses to “Pleasure Fluids – Scenes of Consequence”

  1. Thanks ! … More TF/PE filth please !!!

  2. Glad to see your back and I’m happy that you used my review. 22% of my visitors are referred from this site so keep it up!

    • Hey man, that’s cool to hear.
      By the way I noticed the Philia Review blog seems to have gone private or it’s down or something. Will you keep it running or will you focus on the FS, PS blogs and the msg board instead?

  3. Yea, Philia Review and The Funeral Stench are not going to be updated within the foreseeable future. I’m focusing all of my attention on The Pure Stench – interviews and reviews. It is a lot more fulfilling for me, personally, than uploading music. I’m also going to do interviews and art for the next issue of Exoteric and someone else wants me to do reviews for their Zine so I’m excited about both of those too.

    • Good to hear you’re keeping busy, as I really like your way of writing. Things here are pretty much the same. Between work and personal projects there’s no time to update this place anymore. Perhaps I’ll upload something once a month or so, but for now I’m gonna focus on work, music and personal vices.

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