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The HE blogspot got deleted because some fag reported it. New address is:



Some news

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I know this place hasn’t given signs of life for quite a while now and there must be a bunch of emails I haven’t replied to yet. First, the good news is that I’ll be able to update on a weekly basis for the time being, and second, I’m afraid all those emails will remain unanswered because once again I forgot the password to the blog’s email address (yeah I’m a shithead).

Anyhow, the new home for Heavy Electronics is:

It still looks like utter shit and will most likely continue that way, but that’s not what matters, right? I added a Cbox thing as well in case anybody wants to share crap or request shit.

I noticed a lot of the old Rapidshare password protected links are dead. I’ll be posting new shit as well as re-posting old stuff. Feel free to request reuploads, but keep in mind that I’ll probably only upload during weekends and will only dedicate a couple of hours to that, so I doubt I’ll be able to make everybody happy but I’ll try.

I’d also like to thank to all the cool and sick fucks who have contributed their 0.2 to this blog: Y, Steve Bagman, Hal H., SS, Marjut, dopefiend and others. You know who you are!

Navicon Torture Technologies – Bottomfeeder

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With BOTTOMFEEDER, Navicon Torture Technologies spins a twisted, noirish tale of obsession, sexual addiction and perversion.
BOTTOMFEEDER contains a collaboration track with German power electronics master [BLEED], as well as a collaborative cover version of the song UP IN FLAMES, recorded with with BAIN WOLFKIND and flame performer Paula Kaiser. UP IN FLAMES, written by David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti, was originally performed by Koko Taylor in David Lynch’s film, WILD AT HEART.
Also included are one previously unreleased track, and an extended version of the track, BLACK VOMIT OF CONTEMPT, the original version of which was featured on the ADDICTION cassette compilation released in 2008 by EN.MI.TY RECORDS.

01 – Kick Me When I’m Down
02 – Up in Flames
03 – Black Vomit of Contempt
04 – Petit Mal


Dissecting Table – Between Life and Death

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Recorded and mixed from February-June 1989 at U.P.D. Studio in Japan.
Released by V2 in 1990.

01 – From Life to Death
02 – Road to Death
03 – Desperate Situation
04 – Death March
05 – Murder Music
06 – Dark Side of Life
07 – Ruin
08 – Cosmic Death

Between Life and Death

Bizarre Uproar – Fifteen Years of Filth and Violence

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All noise was recorded during 2007 and selected and edited from vast amount of raw material. It could be seen as a transition state between Liha-Evankeliumi series and where Bizarre is going now (post-Likainen Ehtoollinen era). Artist himself claimed “Filth and Violence” to be the most physical recordings in project’s history, thanks to ideal recording environment which is sadly now gone.

All tracks are untitled.

MC 1 “Dog”
MC 2 “Nazarene”
MC 3 “Metal”
MC 4 “Love”

Various Artists – Extreme Music From Women

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Here you go Steve.

01 – Rosemary Malign – No You Listen
02 – Lisa & Naomi Tocatly – Stiletto Nights
03 – Dolores Dewberry – Paragraph 64
04 – Candi Nook – Schizephrenesis II
05 – Annabel Lee – Lycanthropy
06 – Mira Calix – Too Slim for Suicide
07 – Clara Clamp – September
08 – Debra Petrovitch – Dislocated
09 – Karen Thomas – Puritan
10 – Betty Cannery – Closeted
11 – Gaya Donadio – Indiscretion
12 – Maria Moran – Tattoo
13 – Frl. Tost – I Hate You, Laura
14 – Wendy Van Dusen – Dog
15 – Cat Hope – Mindimi Trek
16 – Diane Nelson – Mounted Insect
17 – Diane Nelson – Dissected Insect

Extreme Music From Women

Umpio – Muelas

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Finnish harsh noise at finest! Umpio has slowly but steadily reached the top level of harsh noise. Scrap metal, self build metal junk instruments, feedback, intense cut-ups. Think of Knurl, Sickness, K2 etc with addtional P.Dassum physical craftmanship and you may get close to Umpio.

Thanks to D. for the upload.

01 – Caries
02 – Operacion/Anestesia
03 – Smile
04 – Nervous Surgeon
05 – Night Goat
06 – Terrario
07 – Ruuvi Päässä


Bagman – Body Paradox

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Harsh noise walls from the UK. Released on 3”CDr on 412 Recordings.

01 – Devotee
02 – Bleach & Honey
03 – Traumatic Orgasm
04 – Ecstacy Mask
05 – Toy Box

Body Paradox

Bagman – Project for Tool

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Limited edition of 50 hand numbered copies. The first 30 copies have additional printing and contain a pill behind the clear tray as follows: Copies 1 – 10 are printed as “Prozac Edition” and comes with a Prozac pill. Copies 11 – 20 are printed as “Amitriptyline Edition” and contain an Amitriptyline pill. Copies 21 – 30 are printed as “Nefopam Edition” and contain a Nefopam pill. Released by 412 Recordings.

01 – Ruin
02 – For Sale
03 – Alexander
04 – Victim Painted All Over
05 – Outro (Number Fucking One)

Project for Tool

Various Artists – Hatband

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Tape was given away for free and J-card contains a note on the free nature of the recording.

01 – Ochu – Searing the Skies of Finntorp
02 – Drone Lebanon – Pellagra
03 – Taint – Inexperienced
04 – Irgun Z’wai Leumi – Hated
05 – Green Army Fraction – Collaborators
06 – HlewagastiR – Tawido
07 – Proiekt Hat – Rated
08 – Treriksröset – 17/11 (excerpt)


Comforter & Veprisuicida – Split MC

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Russian noise/industrial/concrete split MC released by Ultra in 1999. Only 30 copies made.

01 – Comforter – Random Lunacy
02 – Comforter – Cult of Health
03 – Comforter – Keep Those Ladies & Meting
04 – Veprisuicida – Science Friction


Enema Syringe – Ger Dig Bilder På P & PK

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Primitive, harsh rhythmic industrial debut tape from 1987. Very crude, very old-school, very primitive, very good.
Originally released 1987 on White Fire Records. Reissued by Abisko on 2005 limited to 100 copies.
“P & Pk” stands for “Penis & Pung Konturer”

01 – Från Örjan
02 – You Fuckin Bastard (pt 1)
03 – No Brain No Mind
04 – Ditt Svin
05 – Eruptions
06 – En Tablett På Min Pung
07 – En Konfirmation På Konsum (pt 1)
08 – Nån Hemma
09 – Muppets (Crust of a Young Boy)
10 – Allt Vi Kan
11 – Djungel Johan (excerpt)
12 – You Fuckin Bastard (pt 2)
13 – En Konfirmation På Konsum (pt 2)

Ger Dig Bilder På P & PK

Genocide Organ & Rasthof Dachau – Schmerztherapie 93

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Video from the legendary performance in Salzburg, Austria on 27.11.1993. Rasthof Dachau’s tracklist not given.
This is probably a 3rd or 4th generation VHS rip so the video quality is poor, audio is ok.

01 – Genocide Organ – Death to China III
02 – Genocide Organ – Face of Horror
03 – Genocide Organ – White Power Forces
04 – Genocide Organ – This is No Lie
05 – Genocide Organ – Elders of Zion
06 – Genocide Organ – Negros in Sky-Wars
07 – Genocide Organ – Klaus Barbie
08 – Genocide Organ – Patria y Libertad
09 – Rasthof Dachau – Live Salzburg 27.11.1993

Schmerztherapie 93 part 1
Schmerztherapie 93 part 2
Schmerztherapie 93 part 3
Schmerztherapie 93 part 4

Bizarre Uproar – Lily the Flesh

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This is definitely one of the best releases of 2010 and one of the most disturbing Bizarre Uproar pieces I’ve heard.

01 – Kiitos Jeesus
02 – Iiris
03 – Shit is Beautiful / Golden Shower / Lihansyönti

Lily the Flesh

Pleasure Fluids – Show No Mercy

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As requested.

01 – White Crime pt.1
02 – Spreading You
03 – Execution Area
04 – Unprotected
05 – My Final Command

Show No Mercy

Le Syndicat – Rectal Strugle

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Classic industrial goodness on this 1985 tape.
Broken Flag Records.

01 – Untitled
02 – Untitled

Rectal Strugle

Taint – Prey

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Filthy as a stadium’s toilet, you can’t go wrong with early Taint. Originally released in 1995 on Taint Entertainment.

01 – Untitled
02 – Untitled
03 – Untitled
04 – Untitled
05 – Untitled
06 – Untitled


Murder Corporation – Death Files

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CD released on Fuoco Records in 1999. Not as harsh as his earlier releases.

01 – I
02 – II
03 – III
04 – IV
05 – V
06 – VI
07 – VII
08 – VIII
09 – IX
10 – X

Death Files

MXM – Flesh-Biting Paedophile

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MXM was a collaboration between Rodger Stella and Joseph Roemer of Macronympha and Shohei Iwasaki (R.I.P.) of Monde Bruits.
The result is some sick fucking shit, check it out.

01 – Untitled
02 – Untitled

Flesh-Biting Paedophile

Pleasure Fluids – Scenes of Consequence

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As many of you know I back anything and everything released by the American sleaze label True Force/Pain Electronics. Some of their releases are mediocre and some are great but all of them supply many vivid thoughts while listening and are destined to create a lasting impression. Pleasure Fluids has been drinking from the same sources as his label-mate and co-label owner K of Liver Mortis. Like many P.E. groups before them they live on the fringes in the shadowy underworld of fuck trades, KP, rape and murder and bathe in it all then express it through their sound. The argument of whether or not any of these groups from the past and present catalog of Noise and Power Electronics are “into it” or not is almost a void argument. You can taste it a mile away. If you, yourself, know what to look for all of these little obscure titles, lyrics, photographs, etc stick out immediately and you understand exactly where the inspiration sprang from.

Another reason this argument is void is because it doesn’t matter in the light of the sounds themselves. The artist can paint you a picture but it is up to your own personal opinions and previous environments, what you have been exposed to, as to what will be brought up to the forefront of your imagination while listening. Options, tastes, must be respected even when not understood. The first track is titled “New Highs” and basically plays out as a nice introduction. Nothing notable happens here as elements of thick noise lay upon one another while an agitated hiss jerks about behind it. The second track is titled “$10 Room” and is one of the more laid back Pleasure Fluids tracks. The sounds of punctured drones leaking out phased and disoriented oscillations are slowly sculpted and manipulated over a period of a few minutes until some lower end synth sounds come into play. Compared to most Pleasure Fluids material this is tame but the next track fucks that up nicely when the the listener is suddenly confronted, finally, with some vocals. “No Thrill No Kill” is an incendiary piece spewing a looped low-end stomp against phaser/flanged vocals and fluttering pulsations. It smells. It feels like shit play. If ever we doubted the lascivious intent of Pleasure Fluids than the next and final track, “Unharmed”, spells it out explicitly. A lone sample runs the entirety of the track and some low in the mix stammering throbs and clicks mimic snapping veins and synapses, petechia transmitted to sound as we get to hear the story of a man who sexually assaults his sister. And of course she is so kind, innocent, but as our fiend gets scared he must put the baby to bed in a suffocating grave. Obviously.

Review stolen from the Pure Stench blog.

01 – New Highs
02 – $10 Room
03 – No Kill No Thrill
04 – Unharmed

Scenes of Consequence